A Sustainable & Healthy Future

Silver Sea is focused on excelling in three core areas. Comfort, style, and sustainability.

A Sustainable Future

At Silver Sea, our mission is to empower women in their day-to-day lives with the world's most comfortable undergarments that are feminine, supportive, versatile, and sustainable.

The Beginnings

With the world changing and growing more remote, women want more flexibility and versatility in their daily undergarments to meet the needs of an active and on the go lifestyle.

Our Story

Like many others, we're conscious of the clean beauty movement that is educating women about unhealthy chemicals in products we use everyday. We combined our undergarment needs - driven by our active, healthy lifestyle - with our passion for a sustainable future to deliver the world's most comfortable undergarments.

We make the highest quality products right here in the U.S.A. and seek to build a community of active, strong, vibrant, and healthy women.

Silver. Sea. Salt. Sun: A Sustainable & Healthy Future

"Silver Sea products are for those who want to feel good about what is worn on their skin without sacrificing comfort for sustainability."

- Nicole, Founder