The World's Most Comfortable Sports Bra Awaits

Made with all natural fabrics that not only feel incredibly comfortable but are healthy for your skin and the environment 
Silver Sea Lifestyle Sports Bra With TENCEL™
Silver Sea Lifestyle Sports Bra With TENCEL™
Silver Sea Lifestyle Sports Bra With TENCEL™
Silver Sea Lifestyle Sports Bra With TENCEL™
Silver Sea Lifestyle Sports Bra With TENCEL™
Silver Sea Lifestyle Sports Bra With TENCEL™

Silver Sea Is Focused On Excelling In Three Core Areas.
Comfort. Style. Sustainability. 

A Sustainable Future
At Silver Sea, our mission is to empower women in their day-to-day lives with the world's most comfortable undergarments that are feminine, supportive, versatile, and sustainable. 
The Beginnings
With the world changing and growing more remote, women want more flexibility and versatility in their daily undergarments to meet the needs of an active and on the go lifestyle. 
Our Story
Like many others, we're conscious of the clean beauty movement that is educating women about the unhealthy chemicals in products we use every day. 

We combined our undergarment needs - driven by our active, healthy lifestyle - with our passion for a sustainable future to deliver the world's most comfortable undergarments. 

We make the highest quality products right here in the U.S.A. and seek to build a community of active, strong, vibrant, and healthy women. 

Silver. Sea. Salt. Sun: A Sustainable & Healthy Future

"Silver Sea products are for those who want to feel good about what is worn on their skin without sacrificing comfort or sustainability."

- Nicole, Founder
My favorite part about the Silver Sea Lifestyle Sports Bra is that it's the most comfortable sports bra, or bra for that matter, I've ever worn, and I can wear it anytime, anywhere! 

- Mary V.

Why Sacrifice Comfort For Sustainability?

  • No More Harmful Chemicals In Your Sports Bras
  • All Natural Fabrics That Feel Incredibly Comfortable And Are Healthy For Your Skin
  • Made With Sustainable, Eco-Friendly Materials
  • Contributing To A Carbon Neutral Textile Industry Without Sacrificing Comfort, Affordability, Or Style
Unlike the vast majority of sports bras on the market, the Silver Sea Low Impact Lifestyle Sports Bra is purpose built for comfort, versatility, support, and sustainability so you can feel good about being incredibly comfortable and wearing something that is both good for your body and the environment

How It Works & Features Included

  • Moisture Wicking
  • Biodegradable & Compostable 
  • 50% Less Carbon Emissions & Water Consumption 
  • Made from Wood & All Natural Fibers
  • Super Soft, Barely There Feel On Your Skin
  • Wide Elastic Band That Stays Put For Proper Support
  • Adjustable Straps For Exact Comfort
  • Crossback Silhouette To Avoid Falling Straps 
  • Subtle V-Neckline For Feminine Chic Look Under T-Shirts, Tanks Or By Itself
  • Removable Padding 
  • Mesh Layer For Additional Moisture-Wicking & Ventilation 
  • Reflective Silver Sea Wave Branding On Back For Visibility
  • Made In The U.S.A. 


“With most sports bras, I feel like the band around my chest is compressing me so tightly and I have to constantly readjust for everything to stay in place. This bra is the answer to my prayers!”

Nikki F.

“Trying a new brand is always a toss up but this fit great and it's the most comfortable sports bra I've ever worn!”

Jennifer G.

“I find that most sports bras either provide too much support or not enough and it's hard to find one that balances comfort with the right amount of support. Silver Sea's Low Impact Sports Bra did just that. Will be buying more!”

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know which size to order?

Use our size chart to pick the best size. 

While this size chart is highly accurate and has been tested on thousands of women, we cover shipping on returns and exchanges, so you're 100% covered if you end up with the wrong size and would like to exchange for a better fit. 

What materials is the Low Impact Lifestyle Sports Bra made from?

The Silver Sea Low Impact Lifestyle Sports Bra is made from Tencel and Bio-based spandex. 

Can I return my order for a full refund?

Yes, we offer a 30 day return or exchange window from the date of purchase and we cover shipping on returns and exchanges. 

What activities are recommended while wearing the Silver Sea Low Impact Lifestyle Sports Bra?

The Low Impact Lifestyle Sports Bra is perfect for yoga, pilates, barre, wearing under your work or school clothes in place of your less comfortable traditional bra, running errands, hiking, or just lounging and watching TV! 

How do I clean and care for my Silver Sea Low Impact Lifestyle Sports Bra?

We recommend machine wash with cold like colors. Avoid using bleach and hang dry. 

What is BPA and why is it bad for you?

According to the National Institute of Health, Bisphenol A (BPA) is an organic synthetic compound serving as a monomer to produce polycarbonate plastic, widely used in the packaging for food and drinks, medical devices, thermal paper, and dental materials. 

BPA can contaminate food, beverage, air, and soil. It accumulates in several human tissues and organs and is potentially harmful to human health through different molecular mechanisms. Due to its hormone-like properties, BPA may bind to estrogen receptors, thereby affecting both body weight and tumorigenesis. BPA may also affect metabolism and cancer progression, by interacting with GPR30, and may impair male reproductive function, by binding to androgen receptors. Several transcription factors, including PPARγ, C/EBP, Nrf2, HOX, and HAND2, are involved in BPA action on fat and liver homeostasis, the cardiovascular system, and cancer. Finally, epigenetic changes, such as DNA methylation, histones modification, and changes in microRNAs expression contribute to BPA pathological effects

What brands are making sports bras with BPA in them? Do I own any?

Just about every brand that you can imagine makes their sports bras and many items of athleisure clothing using either polyester or spandex or both. 

Here are two articles you can read to learn more about which brands are impacted most and what to look out for. 

What is different about Silver Sea?

Our sports bras are made from Tencel, which is a sustainable and eco-friendly fabric made from wood pulp. 

Tencel is known for being exquisitely soft and pleasant to the skin. 

Furthermore, instead of using Spandex, Lycra, elastane, or polyester, we use a recycled bio-based spandex that was created within the past year. 

There is no other sports bra or athleisure product on the market that is using our unique blend of Tencel and bio-based spandex to produce the most healthy, eco-friendly, and sustainable sports bra there is. 

Comparing The Competiton


Don't Like It? Money Back Guarantee 

If you're not 100% satisfied, we will cover the cost of shipping if you choose to return your purchase for a full refund. Feel the difference or it's free! 

Find Your Bra Size

Not sure exactly where to start? 

Our size guide helps you know what size will fit best and it only takes two minutes to figure out!

Step 1: Measure your Bust Size


What do I measure my bust size with?

it's easiest if you use a tape measure. 

If you don't have one, no problem. You can use an every day item such as a piece of yarn, string, fabric, cord, or even a shoelace, and line it up with a ruler to measure. 

How do I measure bust size?

Measure around the fullest part of your bust, wrapping the tape measure or every day item around your back, under your arms and across your bust. 

Make sure that you do NOT measure around your arms. 

Step 2: Use the Silver Sea Sports Bra Size Chart to determine what size you are

Silver Sea Sports Bra Size Chart

(If on mobile, scroll left or right to move the size chart.)

Step 3: Use the Silver Sea Lounge Wear Size Chart to verify you have aligned with the most appropriate size

Silver Sea Lounge Wear Size Chart


What if I am between sizes?

We recommend the Low Impact Lifestyle Sports Bra for regular wear around the house, running errands, walking, watching TV, under your work or school clothes, or performing activities like yoga, barre, or pilates. If you want a tighter fit with more support and you are between sizes, you could try sizing down whereas if you want a more relaxed fit, you could size up. 

What if I still pick the wrong size?

If you follow the steps provided and measure accurately, you should arrive at the appropriate size, but we are committed to ensuring you get the right fit. Remember, you can always send your order back for an exchange or full refund. We pay shipping. 

Is there anything else I should do to ensure I pick the correct size?

Make sure your measurements are accurate, use both size charts, and then use our AI powered fit engine to verify that the size you've chosen is correct. Silver Sea fits true to size and our AI powered fit engine uses data from hundreds of brands across millions of customers across the globe to arrive at the best fit, so if you follow these steps you should be in great shape and well on your way to taking your comfort and support to the next level!

What are bra sister sizes?

Bra sister sizes are bra sizes that have the same cup capacity but different band sizes. For instance, a 32C, 30D, and 34B are all sister sizes. 

Bra sister sizes are essentially alternate sizes where the cup volume stays the same despite the band size and cup size letter changing. 

For instance, if you wear a 34B but want a tighter band, perhaps wearing size 32C will provide you with a better fit. 

Sister sizing ultimately allows you to wear a bra that fits you better, even if the label numbers and letters are different. 

Check out our Bra Sister Size Chart below. 

Silver Sea Sister Size Bra Chart

How this works: Start in the middle column with the size you regularly wear or tried on. 
Moving to the left from the SIZE YOU TRIED. 

Challenge: Your cup fits perfectly but the band is too tight, which is common with women with broader shoulders. 

Translation: You need a bigger band. 

Solution: Go up a band size and down a cup size. For example, if you are a 34B with this challenge, find 34B in the SIZE YOU TRIED column and move left. Your new size is 36A. 
Moving to the right from the SIZE YOU TRIED. 

Challenge: Your cup size fits perfectly but the band is too loose. 

Translation: You need a smaller band. 

Solution: Go down a band size and up a cup size. For example, if you are a 34B with this challenge, find 34B in the SIZE YOU TRIED column and move right. Your new size is 32C.